Customize your Calendar

I would typically make my own notebooks and calendar books. This time I decided to buy some calendars from TjMaxx. One of my fav discount places to shop. I want to use them for tracking my fitness and blogging. Maybe some personal things as well. I typically don’t do calendars because they are too anxiety inducing for me. Using them more as lists or a place to reference had me feeling more motivated instead freaked out. You can pick up any calendar you want. Find whatever supplies you think will upgrade your finds. Here is what I used and did to customize my books.


  • Notebooks- Mine were 4.99 at TjMaxx
  • Paint Pens- have a better dry to the type of material on my books. I belief my books are faux leather. You could always just just sharpies
  • Permanent Marker(s)


Come up with a design. I just doodle. I really had not idea what I was going to do. What I do know is I love shapes. Dots. Circles. Arrows. I also love quotes. Mottos. Mantras. Inspiration is any shape. All favs of mine. I love gold. All versions of it. Rose gold even more. Here I used a gold  and a black paint pen.  Know that you may make a mistake. Embrace that now. You can doodle over it later or just leave it.


As you can see I went with adding a motto to my book. I picked Together We Can for my books for two reasons.

  1. Together being my mind and body
  2. People together can make magical things happen

The motto is on the spine of the blue green calendar. On the back of the books I left space for me to write whatever quotes or phrases I come across. I am a doodler. This gives me the ability to still doodle on the book if I want.

That is all folks. Simple and easy. Use whatever you have. Don’t feel pressured to make it perfect. You may start creating and get stuck. That is fine. You can still use the calendar while you figure out how you want it to look. People like to see works in progress just as much as they like to see finished products.

Together We Can,

Lisa Ann


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