Barre3 Day 1

I am doing the Barre3 challenge this month. I wanted to do something that could compliment my cardio on the trails. In Jan 2017 I will be doing a half marathon. I will be training for that as well.

Day 1 or week 1 was pretty easy. I picked just doing the 10 minute online workout. I should note that I am doing all online. I have a pretty clean diet so I am using the nutritional stuff as options, but not everyday. I will probably do one meal a week using their recipes. I also went out on the trails to do a mix of jogging and walking. I think by the end of the day I had somewhere in the 17,000 step range.

As part of the challenge you are to also do four 60 minute workouts in the week. I decided to do the first 60 minute workout on day 2. Actually as I write this I will be doing the first 60 in about 30 minutes.

My body hurts a bit from just the 10 minute workout yesterday. Not a bad hurt. The good hurt that you get having not done certain exercises for some time.

Hopefully I will be able to do all of the 60 minute workouts. I am getting a tooth pulled today. Not sure how recovery will go. Planning for the rest of the 60 min workouts to be thurs-friday-sat. Hoping also to get on the trails as well. At least for my usual brisk walking and jogging.

If you want to check out the challenge you can go here Barre3 Challenge

It only costs 15 dollars. You could also find a coupon code for it to be a little bit cheaper. I did from Audrey Roloff at

Audrey does a great job at describing why to do the challenge. I believe the code is  b3audreyroloff.

Let me know if you join.

Together We Can

Lisa Ann



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