Barre3 Day 2

Day 2. My day to do a 60 minute workout. Holy macaroni. The 60 minute workouts are no joke. I did the workout that has no props. Many of the workouts have a ball, some small weights, and resistance bands. I didn’t feel like dragging those out yesterday.

Within 10 minutes I had the quakes. I worked through them and modified where I needed. I was happy that I already have pretty good balance. I struggled when there was new additions to the main part you were doing. You may be doing a type of lunge then you add in waving your arms and lifting your opposite foot on your way up in the lunge.

There is a flow to the movements. Which I enjoy and caught onto. I had to get my mind away from being perfect. It was in grained in my head all my life that you have to do everything perfect or you get yelled at. All those years of a strict upbringing mixed with sports.

Everyone’s body shape is different my knees go over my ankles a lot higher then others because my legs are shaped different. I spent much of the workout learning where my body was shifting itself and correcting so I did have the right form. I may not have gotten as many reps as they did on screen. I am okay with that though. I did everything. I had to add in a chair at one point because it was the only way I could correct my form. At first I felt defeat. I told myself I needed to do this to keep me from possibly hurting my body.

Something I learned about myself physically….side planks on the right arm. I can’t hold my body for the life of me. Left side I could hang around like that for days. I am hoping that this will change by the end of the challenge. Change in that I can do it even a little bit. I am not talking about perfect.

Regardless of stops and modification…. your girl hurts. All over. I was doing something that is for sure. I slept until noon. Lucky I have off work today.

My suggestion. Don’t do barre3 then go to 2 hour dentist appt to have tooth pulled. Getting up out of that chair was hard. ouch.

So in one session I learned about my body and did a workout. Pretty darn cool.

I am taking off today as I had my tooth pulled last night. I will go for a walk/jog though. Just no barre3

Together We Can

Lisa Ann.


Want info about the challenge. Go here



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