Quick Food(s)

I think we all get to the point in a day where we just are too tired, annoyed, busy….

Many of those times we let what we eat be touched by those feelings or realities. I do believe you can be too busy or caught up to eat. When I get into a craft project. I am in another world. Suddenly it is dark outside and I only ate a banana. Sometimes you really don’t have time to meal prep like they show on tv, youtube, or blogs.

Something I have started doing more as I have settled in my plant based living……modified meal prep. I thought about mindful, but the battle in my head of if the items are are sustainable gets in the way.

I don’t have a better name for it. I get things in my house that are just quick and easy to throw together. Would not really call it making a recipe. Just good food I can do quick. This includes things I can take on the go. I keep in mind organic, non gmo, whole foods…. etc.

I recently went shopping for some of those items so I decided they can be a post. Note these are items that are not as simple as just grabbing fruit or veggies. I know that is the most simple.

  1. Rice takes forever to cook at home. Rice packets you can take with you.  You can add anything anywhere with rice. You can also eat alone. Slip the packets in your purse or bag. These packets you just throw into microwave for whatever the package says.
  2. Hummus I love flavors. I don’t have time to make a dressing or sauce many of the days in my life. So I throw hummus on everything. I have a few types of hummus in the pictures. A fav is anything with garlic or with hot spice. I like a kick.
  3. Oatmeal. The packets are nice, but you need a bowl. I have been doing the in the paper cup kind. I make these even when I am at home. I am not the greatest morning person. I don’t feel like standing by stove to make oatmeal. All the ingredients are in there.  I do choose a brand that I trust. If you are in the plant based or healthy eating world you may have heard of Dr. McDougall. I get his oatmeal cups. I do the boiled water and add to oatmeal. Done in 5 minutes. On the go you can do in microwave. I prefer the apple flax cup. I keep these near me at work.
  4. Frozen veggies. If i don’t have to chop it then it is 100 times faster in my head. They have blends and mixes in the store that would take much of my time to chop and cook.

To make my sustainability mind feel at ease I do read the packaging as much as possible. Many times it will tell you about the packaging. The oatmeal box tells me the container is… BPA free, certified sourcing sustainable forestry initiative, non gmo, Gluten Free, and vegan.

What quick foods do you buy? Post in the comments below.

Together We Can,

Lisa Ann







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