Barre3 Day 3

I took off from doing any Barre3 workouts on day three. I had a tooth pulled on Tuesday. I wanted to make sure that I was letting my body focus on healing that. Everything your body does takes energy. I know this. It was made obvious to me again when I slept until noon the day after the tooth pull. I also think that the day in between doing my first big barre3 workout was helpful when I stepped up to the challenge on day 4.

What did I do on day 3 that involved barre3? I listened to the webcast that I had missed from earlier in the week while knitting. The webcast was all I expected it to be. Sadie (creator of barre3) and special guest, functional nutritionist Andrea Nakayama from Replenish PDX, answered questions from people involved in the challenge.

Much of the conversation involved topics that I have already done much research into over the last 5 years. The nutritional side of things is focused on clean meals with foods that that do not cause inflammation in your body. Two examples being gluten and dairy. The challenge also involves cutting out processed sugar and grains. The conversation went into depth about specific items such as coconut water and ghee.

Overall I was impressed with the webcast. It was about an hour or so long. As I have said before it was all the stuff I have heard before from folks like Dr. Garth, Kimberly Snyder, McKel Hill of Nutrition Stripped, Dr. Mcdougall, Food Matters, Forks Over Knives, etc.

My body on day 3 still hurt. Sitting and standing was painful on the legs. I felt not as much hurt in the core area.

At night I did go for a walk with my BFF Rusty. He is the dog of my friend Amanda. If you don’t follow him on instagram.. you should. His instagram name is rustyseverus. Mini goldendoodle of fluffy fun.

Day 4 I will do a workout with weights, ball, and resistance band. I am also thinking about splitting up the workouts. Do a 40 minute and two 10s or 2 30s. We shall see. This was something that was suggested in the webcast. Highly recommended by Sadie as she is a working women and doesn’t always have time chunks that work. When you are using the online version it makes that breaking up a lot easier as you don’t have to go to a studio.

Together We Can

Lisa Ann



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