Current Makeup Favorites

For the past few weeks I have been in love with Elate Clean Cosmetics pressed eye shadows in Lithe (gold) and Quintessence (rose gold/peachie golden). I found their products through my following of Think Dirty on social media and through the Think Dirty App. Pretty sure I have talked about the Think Dirty App at some point on here. There are so many unregulated chemicals in our personal care products. I try as best as I can to limit my exposure to those items now knowing how their use can hurt my body and the environment. Quick info on Think Dirty: app that you can use to scan your personal care products to see how clean they are in terms of carcinogenicity, developmental & reproductive toxicity, and allergies & immunotoxicities. The app will tell you on the scale of 0-10 how clean the products are.  You can also search their database by typing in products. It is similar to EWG skin deep database online. It gives you suggestions on cleaner products if you are looking for those as well.

Back to my favs and currently using as my go to makeup. I wanted to find a good look to go with my two eye shadows from Elate that I had been loving. I love a good Honest Beauty product. I have oily skin. I also don’t like to pack on makeup. I like simple and light. I already had the foundation from Honest Beauty so I figured I would try out the oil free tinted moisturizer with spf 20. It is similar to a BB or CC cream.  I use the Honestly Cream color which is a honey with yellow undertones. I apply with my hands all over my face. Smells good. I don’t become an oily mess. Doesn’t itch my face. Evens out my skin. Win Win.

The price is 28$, but I have the beauty bundle so I get any three products of Honest Beauty for 50$ when I decide I need it. Great value. Who only buys one thing when getting makeup? Not I.

Sticking with the Honest Beauty items…two more


I just got in the mail last week the Luminizing Powder in Dusk Reflection. This sucker knocked out my previous bronzer from the rotation. They have different luminizers in lighter or peachie shades. I wanted to try their bronze shade for bronzer. It’s good. Not too much of a bronze. Not to light. Just right if you are going for the everyday makeup look. I apply with a stippling brush on my cheekbones, forehead, and a bit under my jaw. Heck sometimes I sweep it all over. On those yolo days?   It is 25$ on its own. The stippling brush I use is from Eco Tools.


Marsala Kiss is the last Honest Beauty item currently in this look or favs. It too came last week. Holy macaroni. I love it. I have loved all my shades of lip colors from Honest Beauty. I also love their smell. Is that weird. Smells like fruit. I smell it like I smell those mr. sketch markers. Maybe I should not have admitted that. Another thing I love is the cap I can put on the bottom of the lipcolor. It is so annoying when you take the cap off lipstick to lose it as it rolls off the counter. This cap you stick on the bottom like a pen cap. LOVE. My fav lipsticks from Honest Beauty are all in the demi matte section. This is 18$ on its own.

If my calculations are correct that would normally be 71$. With the bundle it is 50.


Back to the eye shadow for a moment. I wanted to buy Elate shadows for a friend of mine as a gift because they have similar eye color to mine and happen to wear similar colors in other makeup products. While I was making that purchase I decided to also get Modish for myself. It was back in stock and I was excited. It is a plum raspberry shade. I have greenish blueish “rainbow eyes”. They can be more blue some days or more green. I have a lovely orange ring in them as well. What I wear on my face or colors of clothes mostly determines how the eye color comes out. The plum/raspberry brings out the green. I don’t always wear Modish in my everyday look.

The shadows get applied with that little shadow brush in my main picture for this post like this:

  • Quintessence: all over lid.
  • Lithe: inner corner and a bit to the center
  • Modish: outer corner

I blend just a little bit. I just go off how it looks and add or don’t add more. I also sometimes just apply my with finger because sometimes it is easier. They go on very nicely. Stay very well. I have oily lids too. After many hours they might gather in my crease, but not really. I don’t use eye primer. It never works and is another step. Something cool about Elate. Their eye colors come in limited packaging. They encourage the use of magnetic pallets. The eye colors are in little envelopes that are made from seeds so you can plant them. SO COOL. I guess I should mention they are a located in Canada so many folks like myself have to buy online. I enjoy that they do paypal. I enjoy any company that lets me pay through paypal. So much easier. Their eye colors are 16 CAD. Many times they have sales and the price goes down to 12 CAD. The next color that I want is RAVE. It is currently on sale. I have some of a sample left so didn’t want to purchase just yet.


I don’t wear makeup every day. If there was one product that I would wear every day.  Mascara. I have long eyelashes. Most don’t know that if I don’t have mascara on. Recently I needed to replace my mascara. I went for the blueberry mascara from 100% Pure. I also have their black tea color. The mascara is fruit pigmented and smells delicious. I am in love with this blueberry color. I have never used mascara that has a blue tint. It looks like the outside of a blueberry. This also arrived in my mailbox last week. I have put the black aside. The mascara was the final touch in the eye department for giving a nice pop. I have many other 100% pure products that I also love. It is a great brand. The mascara is 25$. I tend to wait to get until I have some deal or coupon. They also happen to have a store location in Maryland that I have been too. I usually buy online though.

That is it. Simple and easy. Takes maybe 15 minutes to do. Let me know if you have questions.  What do you use as everyday look? Any of these brands? How do you like? I like to learn so share with me.


Together We Can,

Lisa Ann


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  1. alwayswilby says:

    Great post 🙂

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  2. amiablecharm says:

    This is an awesome post! I want to try elate now!

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    1. you should. They have a part of their website where you can buy samples. That is how I fell in love with the eye colors. They also have some nice lip colors which I bought a sample of as well.

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