BBQ Cauliflower Burger Pinterest Success

I have been experimenting with cauliflower recipes. I find it very interesting the amount of plant based things you can make using cauliflower. Many have probably seen making pizza crust using cauliflower. It is really good. I just struggle with the effort needed to squeeze out all the water from the steam cauliflower. Helps build those muscles I guess. There are a ton of recipes for buffalo cauliflower burger/sandwich. I am a huge bbq flavor fan instead. I used a recipe by Hot for Food for their buffalo sandwich that someone had posted on Pinterest.  They also have a ranch recipe in the video. I did not do that. I used some things I had in my fridge. Know that cauliflower breaks apart really easy. You may get mad at your cauliflower. Channel your frustration to later when you take a bit out of the delicious.

There are parts of the recipe where is says things like non dairy milk or flour, but it doesn’t tell you what kind to use. I like this because you can use what you have for the most part or use something that you can consume.

What I used for sandy (for all other ingredients please see the recipe link):

  • non dairy milk: almond milk
  • Flour: whole wheat
  • Instead of Hot Sauce used 1/2 cup of organic Annie’s Organic BBQ Sweet & Spicy. I like Annie’s because it is vegan and doesn’t use artificial flavors or preservatives

For the spread

The week I made this I was trying out Kite Hill cream cheese that I found at Whole Foods. I had heard their products were yummy. So

  • 2 tablespoons Kilt Hill Chive Cream Cheese Style Spread
  • Tablespoon of almond milk to loosen it up. You may need more depending on how much of a spread you are making
  • Tablespoon of dried dill or add more if you want

You do need to be around the house being diligent with following the cooking instructions. Set timers!!!

The result is delicious. I like to add celery sticks to the dish along with tomato and lettuce on the bread. The bread is sprouted grain from Ezekiel.

With with pieces that may fall out when you are creating the larger burger slices you can make them into BBQ Cauliflower Bites. Same process just with the little florets.

20160311_131309 (1)


Together We Can,

Lisa Ann


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