What is on my Reading List

I read as much as I breathe. I have a kindle. I am a kindle unlimited member. Saves me a ton of money. I still buy some books though. Sometimes buy a book on kindle, on audible, and in paper form. You have to be a really good find to make it to the paper form.

I don’t start a book and finish it in the same timeline as many. I read random. I may read a ton of pages in one book one night. The next night I might feel like reading another. The flow of different types of information into my brain is mostly based on my mood. I may want to read fluff. I may want to read some serious conversations about food and the environment. And yes I sometimes just read recipe books. I like the trend in recipe books these days to provide more of a conversation instead of just recipes.

Here are the books currently on my list. A few of them I finished, but have been going back to here and there so I left them on my list.



I love Brit&Co. I love DIY. I love the concept of a homemaker. Great read for making life in our world today


One of my fav YouTubers. I like reading stories about others. Learning how others have done something can give you great perspective on relationships with others. How she creates community in the digital world is amazing to me. I have this on kindle and audible.


Being in the field of work I am in I find it interesting how people are raised.



Just starting to read this one. The description of this booked sounded very National Treasure adventure type. I love a god hunt











Anyone else reading these books? Thoughts? What are you reading? Should I do a post about what I am listening to on audible? Share below!

Together We Can,

Lisa Ann


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