Cooking Through PlantPure Nation Cookbook

If you follow me on social media (instagram or twitter) you have seen all my posts with food. Most recently I have been cooking my way though PlantPure Nation Cookbook.

PlantPure Nation is a film on Netflix currently. You should check it out especially if you have viewed Forks Over Knives. This cookbook is the recipes put together by Kim Campbell. She happens to be the daughter in-law of T.Colin Campbell known for the China Study and his focus on living plant-based.

If you have read some of my previous blogs or look back on my insta history you will see that I have been plant based for almost 5 years. . My health needed it so I transition. It has been a process, but with help from some key plant based folks it has been pretty darn easy for me.

My latest purchase of plant-based cooking has been this PlantPure Nation Cookbook. I AM LOVING IT. My husband who would have never gone a meal without animal based foods is loving it too. One day I will bamboozle him into writing something for here about how his lifestyle has changed.

The point of this blog is encourage and maybe inspire you would tasty looking photos of the foods I have been posting. They really do taste as good as they look. These are just 4 of the recipes I have made thus far. I plan to post more blogs with others.  We are only two people so we have leftovers or stuff to share often. Mostly we eat for lunches at work or dinners the next day. I try to bulk cook as much as possibly for variety sake.

Sloppy Joes

I have found with eating that it has been the flavors and sometimes texture that I was attached. I had sloppy joesphs ALOT as a kid. It was always with turkey meat. I have never ever liked red meat and my mom really never used. This recipe will not disappoint. It is everything I remember. You can see on my cutting board you mushrooms, carrots, onion, celery, green pepper, and garlic. This recipe used bulgur which I had never used before. The texture provides what you would expect with meat being in the recipe. I just wish you could lick the screen to taste this. The recipe was very easy to make. I had all the ingredients from the pantry/fridge already. You will learn that in plant-based you can get a lot out of pantry items. The only ingredients I usually have to buy is the fresh produce if I don’t already have. Much of the produce though are regulars on shopping list anyways.  I do eat bread. It is typically sprouted grain. If not then it is some other preservative free bread that doesn’t use dairy etc. Again I strive for the most plant based whole foods possible with what I can afford or find. Reading labels is not hard or scary. The cleaner the product the easier the label.

Macaroni No Cheese

I had no idea what to expect with this. I was raised with mac and cheese from a box. The closet I ever got to what I hear people describe as mac and cheese was when my Nana would make her lasagna with bowtie noodles. This mac no cheese has whole wheat pasta with a sauce made from nutrition yeast, non dairy milk, butternut squash, cashews and spices. I believe I added onion into the sauce when I blended. I of course added adobo. I think I may have done garlic too. I also added spinach and green chiles. It only calls for peas, but gives suggestions for other additions. This recipe does involve paying attention to cooking pasta as well as having to stir a thickening sauce. You could add in more veggies if you wanted.

Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

I LOVE BREAD! This was a quick make in my opinion. Since my office is in my building I was able to set this up and go back and forth from my office when needed. Tasted delish. We have used for sloppy joes. I toast it before hand to make it a bit more stiff to hold the sloppy joes or other sandy materials. I also toast and add a tiny bit of maple butter when I want a sweet treat.

Black Bean Burger

Messy on the hands but yummy in the belly. Really easy to make with supplies you probably have in your pantry or freezer. They are a little bit soft after baking so be careful they may fall a part a bit. Also storing you need to be careful for the same reason. They are easy to heat up quickly. This recipe will continue to be on the batch cook list probably every other week. Sticky fig bbq sauce on the bun. Sprouted bread.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

My husband loves these. I believe it is because they have peanut butter in them. The flavor is not too strong so no worries. Hubs loves chocolate chip cookies as well. I rather him eat these then then say a peanut butter cup. I had never used Sucanat before. It is a whole unrefined cane sugar from what I have read. You use to replace exact amount of what you would have used with refined sugar. The cookies are puffy. I might have not squished them down enough on the pan. Regardless they are yummy. A friend tried and thought of a muffin top. I just thought yum. Also a very quick recipe you can make after dinner if you want a treat. Hubs took one for a snack with his lunch at work. He never thinks to do that type of stuff. Must have been that good.



I have been cooking up a storm/making a mess recently so prepare for many more food posts and photos. If you follow me on instagram you will see them before they hit the blog. Of all these recipes the sloppy joes have been made a second time. This one is a huge keeper.

Together We Can,

Lisa Ann


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