Custom Medal Display for Disney Medals

This project evolved over months of the initial design just sitting around. For Christmas my husband used some leftover wood we had in the basement to do a string art Cinderella castle.  We discussed that there was a lot of dead space (shout out to haunted mansion) that needed something added to it. I suggested fireworks. Well never ever came of it.

Then this summer I decided it would not collect dust as is anymore. It would become a medal holder for our running medals from Disney marathon weekends. We only have a half marathon and 5k under our belts. I updated the castle with some color using the massive amount of floss I have. Added shooting star fireworks to the top (shout out to the now retired Wishes fireworks display in MK). Cup hooks got added to the bottom. I hand painted a RunDisney logo I found online on the top as well. Had to blend colors to get what I was looking for.

It is now displayed on a shelve in our home. Still collecting dust I am sure. It is finished though.  Sometimes projects and inspiration take time. I have become ok with that.

Bring on the pictures!!



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