Oils and Labels Oh My

I have been quite the the busy person for a few months now. I changed jobs. I should write a post about that. I am  a coordinator for sustainability programs at the local university now. Before I was a hall director at the same university. This post goes well with the new title since wellness is a large part of sustainability.

If you read my blog you know I am a lover of natural things like the use of essential oils. I have finally got my game together and started making roller bottles. The bug off roller works so well in my very bug filled back yard this spring/summer. I have found some oil blends that I really love for personal uplifting “perfumes” and room spray. I have also started using rollers for muscle help and that time of the month help.

My fav brand of oils is Plant Therapy.  Their Spring Blossoms blend is me in a bottle. It makes me feel all the good things and smell delicious. Worry Free is the second blend of theirs that is me in a bottle. Their shield me kid safe blend has saved my body from bug bites. My yard can get very bug heavy. I have used their suggested combo of oils to make something for that time of the month. Rub it on my lower ab area and back and it has been helpful.

This post is really about the labeling of my bottles. For months I have been using paint pens or silver sharpies to label. Whatever I have used it has come off. I finally sat down with my Cricut design studio to make vinyl labels. I already had gold vinyl. Pro tip I get my vinyl from Expressions Vinyl. Better price and you get so much more then at a craft store. I always buy with a discount code of some sort as well.

My font of choice is called Lipstick.  Height used between .7 and 1 inch. Width used between 1.8 and 2 inches. It all depends on the words you are using. With this small of font the less words you try to use the better. The oil bottle in picture that only has the word calm was very easy cut. The font I used can get a little tricky with small cuts.

I weeded out the vinyl around it. Used Expressions Vinyl transfer tape. Their transfer tape is the best I have found. Cricut brand I can’t keep for many uses and it struggles to pick up the designs sometimes. Placed the words on the bottles. Rubbed them down and slowly removed the transfer tape. I am in love. Why I didn’t do this earlier I have no idea.

If you are waiting on doing some sort of creative thing just do it. It was such a small task, but it boosted me out of my otherwise creative slump. This reminded me that productivity in life with that creative piece is where I am happiest.

I’m off now to go finish designing planning/notebook/bullet journal stickers using the watercolor art that I made months ago.

It is also June. That means I take lots of vacation. That also means more blog posts. Maybe?

What are you working on this week? Tell me in the comments below.


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