DIY Flower Press

I had some awesome flowers for my 4th of July party that my mom brought from her garden. I have a apartment so I cannot grow my own flowers. I hate when the flowers have to go to compost because they have died. This time I really wanted to preserve some of them by pressing….

This plate was from ikea. 5.99. Used a stencil at first then continued to free style. The oil based sharpie pink keeps it color. Check out my other sharpie post here. These are set by baking them. handwash only. I would mostly be using these for decorative. Maybe plating some desserts. 

This project was really easy and fun to do. Well if you like coloring of course. Supplies Tissue Paper Markers- I used Copic¬† White Candles from the store Heating Tool Wax Paper Stamp of image you like stamp pad. I use memento because it does not bleed with Copics Stamp your image on the tissue…

Made a guide on making tissue paper flowers. These can be used for many decor options. I am targeting door decs for RAs to do for students. Also good for bulletin boards.