This project was really easy and fun to do. Well if you like coloring of course.


  • Tissue Paper
  • Markers- I used Copic 
  • White Candles from the store
  • Heating Tool
  • Wax Paper
  • Stamp of image you like
  • stamp pad. I use memento because it does not bleed with Copics

Stamp your image on the tissue paper. The color your image with the markers you selected. Once colored cut out your image as best you can. Place image on your candle. Cover with the wax paper. I like to make sure the paper is long enough so I can wrap it around the candle. makes it more stable when you are holding with one hand as you heat. You want wax side on your image. Use heating tool and over your wax paper and image. Do not heat too close. You don’t want too much wax to melt. Basically you are heating the image into the candle. Check the image to make sure you all of the paper has fused to the candle wax. You can typically tell the fusing because as you wave the heating tool over the candle and paper you will see the image get rice in color. The first picture in this post shows that.

Then the fun part. accessories. You don’t need to do this but I like to. Button and twine are my favorite. 

I think these would be cool to do for wedding center pieces. If you have a nice image or saying. People could take home with them too. Easy diy party fun. Easy to make your own holiday them candles. I imagine a cute leaf image design for fall or pumpkins.


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