Used my Flourishes Dreaming of Florence stamp set to create these coasters for a customer. The coasters were auctioned off with a bottle of wine at a school auction. 

The physical coaster is a wall tile that I purchased at home depot. They are really cheap. Maybe .89 cents a tile. I like the marble look in my tile designs so I tend to work mostly with the tumbled marble tiles. Just go to the store and look. Get when design appeals to you the most.  You can get he plain white ceramic. I believe those are cheaper then the marble tiles. I only use the white ceramic when I am working with alcohol inks on the tile. Regardless this is a low cost project.

The design is stamped on the tile using Staz On black ink. Staz On is crucial to use. You want the ink to stay on especially if you are not going to seal with with varnish. Staz On will also work with the Sharpies. It will not work with Copics. The design is colored with Sharpies. You will want to have a variety of sharpie tip markers. Basically a set of fine tip and ultra fine tip. The color was blended and faded out using rubbing alcohol. I put a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol on the tip of a q-tip for the blending.

I seal the coasters 2-3 times with Americana Dura Clear Gloss Varnish it is only about 7 bucks. I get mine from Amazon. Click on the title above for the direct link. Below are some details about the varnish. Some people when sealing their coasters may use Mod Podge. I use that to seal lots of things, but because coasters get used a lot more I prefer a more professional varnish

Info on the Dura Clear Varnish

  • Non-toxic
  • Can be used on wood, plaster, tin, resins, ceramic bisque, papier mache, terra cotta and plastic
  • Forms a weatherproof, protective seal on both indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Protects surfaces from chemicals such as alcohol and resists water stains or rings
  • No smelly fumes

Before I end this post. Make sure you clean your tile. You can use the rubbing alcohol or water. You want all the dust off of the tile before you start coloring. You also need patience. You need to wait until everything dries. Sharpies don’t take that long, but still wait 30 min before you varnish. When you varnish make sure all the coats dry.


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