Made this for my friend who loves Harry Potter. The red and yellow turned a lot deeper after baking. The baking was tricky. First I did 350 in oven. Noticed that the black was not setting. Did a second run on 400. Generally stick with the 350. Seems like that worked well for other mugs I did. It all depends on the glaze of the mug. The high quality of the mug structure the better the glaze. You can always do 425 to 450 to make sure that the glaze melts and resets with the new design. To test if your paint set you can simply try to chip away at the paint in a small area. If it ships it didn’t set. Put it back in that oven at a higher temp.

 I still suggest hand wash only.

You want the mugs to start in a cold oven. You want them to heat up with the oven. Put them on a baking tray. This helps them not to crack.Then you leave them in there until the oven is cold again so everything sets. This means making these take some time. I typically bake them before I go to sleep so I can turn off the oven for cooling. You want to bake them for 30 minutes. You do not start the timer for baking until the oven has reached the 350 mark. that way you are baking on 350 for 30 min. Makes sense. Right?


  • Sharpie Oil Based Fine Paint Marker or DecoArt Glass Paint Markers– this is crucial. You cannot use just regular sharpies and expect it to last long. The markers need to be oil based not water based. Some have found more success with the deco art markers. especially if you want to dishwasher your wares. Obvi follow the instructions for curing. Curing instructions are always important to follow in crafting. It is good to leave your mug to set with the paint on it for 24 hours before you bake. If you are impatient that is your own issue. It should still work if you follow the other instructions. This is where the patience comes in.
  • Mug- I got this one at dollar tree. Ikea also has some cheap nice mugs. When I say cheap I mean price. It does not mean the mugs construction/glaze is cheap.
  • Oven thermometer. Everyone should have these anyways.

I hand drew this on the mug. If you are not good at hand drawing you can of course create templates. or stencils.

I resource site I used is Living Well Spending Less

Update: Ikea mugs you need to heat between 425 and 450 to effectively melt the glaze.

I found that Black, Silver, Gold, Yellow, Pink, Brown, Dark Green hold their color well in after baking.

Ones that change – use with caution- Orange (turns brown), Blues, both dark and light (turn green), Purple (turns pink), Red (turns a dark burgundy), Lime Green (turns to more of a pea green), White (yellows)


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