Simple Chocolate Sauce

I use this for a glaze on cakes. I use this for snacking on fruit. ┬áSometimes I eat it when I need a fix. 2 heaping tablespoons cacao powder 1 tablespoon real maple syrup 1 tablespoon water teaspoon to tablespoon of nut or seed butter of your choice Mix it all together with a whisk….

Get Yourself a Bag you can REuse/ Grocery Haul

Reuseable bag are wonderful. They make great gift giving bags. Mostly they don’t break and have tons of space compared to plastic or brown bags. Many stores will give you a credit for the amount of reusable bags you have. That is basically a 5 to 10 cent coupon people. Go get your bags!  

Baking Soda Air Feshener

I like simple (really I mean cheap) and non toxic things for the home. I opt for the combo of baking soda and essential oils. Baking soda as many know absorbs the funk. You can throw in some essential oils to give the baking soda a nice scent. It is not really strong. You will…