Baking Soda Air Feshener

I like simple (really I mean cheap) and non toxic things for the home.

I opt for the combo of baking soda and essential oils. Baking soda as many know absorbs the funk. You can throw in some essential oils to give the baking soda a nice scent. It is not really strong. You will get used to the scent. Doesn’t mean it isn’t working

I made a bunch of large to small bowls of baking soda with lemon essential oil, lime essential oil, organic dried roses, and organic dried lavender. You don’t need the dried flowers. I have them from doing bath bombs. They looked pretty in the containers.

For every 1/2 cup of baking soda I added about 30 drops of essential oil. Depending on the bowl size I did between 1 tablespoon and 2 tablespoons of dried rose and/or lavender. Mixed everything together. Placed in the areas I want to keep fresh. I will change these each month. A 2 lb of baking soda was about $1.30. I already had the essential oils and the containers for the mixture.

This is great for those student rooms if you happen to be in college! Get small 4oz mason jar. Fill halfway with baking soda. Add 15 drops of essential oil. Put the lid and metal ring back on to shake the mixture. Take lid and ring off. Add a piece of cloth 4″x”4 or old t-shirt piece over the opening. Screw the metal ring that goes with the lid over the cloth onto the jar. Poke some holes in the cloth. The cloth is nice because it will allow the baking soda to do its thing while helping you not spill.  Keep the metal disc lid. Makes is easier to transport the air freshener home if needed and to shake if the mixture needs it. Since they are non toxic you can also wash and reuse the jar for things like snacks. DO NOT GET RID OF THE LID! Very important for reuse part. Also, I don’t suggest putting holes in the metal disc for the purpose of reuse.

The traditional air freshening products on the market these days are filled with chemicals that can give you a whole host of health issues.  Take a look at EWG (Environmental Working Group) Healthy Living App if you are looking to figure out how you products rate health wise. Very easy to use. You can scan bar codes right in the store. You can also look up items on the computer over at EWG as well.


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