Aromatherapy: New Strategy for Helping my Anxious Self

I want to say I was first introduced to aromatherapy maybe 9 years ago by my supervisor. I have done sugar scrubs and other bath products using essential oils since then. Many of wish you can find here on my blog. The difference today is the introduction of a diffuser for aromatherapy.

I very much enjoy in all areas of health and wellness. The holistic realm is something I have been more focused on within the last 7 years. This past few months I have looked more into the diffusing of essential oils for calming.

I am an anxious person. I hide is fairly well,but it is very ugly many times. Typically nature with exercise keeps it in check. My husband helps keep it in check. I don’t talk about it much. Have been more comfortable doing that these day. Add on that I am an introvert and shy.  I also love smelling things. The scent of pleasant things gives me much joy and peace. Don’t do candles because the crap that is in them scares me. I used to be a yankee candle tart junkie.

A friend of mine started using a diffuser in her office. I thought this is genius. So I added a diffuser to my birthday wishlist. So happens the friend got me the diffuser. Started using it in my house with some essential oils I had laying around. Instantly I felt like a missing piece was back. Who knew I was attached to smell so much.

Found some sites, doctors, and nutritionists that I trust with talking about the healing properties and blends. My anxious needs to calm down regularly. Much of that comes from my job. Found a blend I liked from Doterra. Specifically called Serenity Calming Blend. Purchased it on Amazon.  Have fallen in love. I think it is a beachy smell, but it might smell different to you. I use it in my house. In my office. I have it on as I go to sleep. I have it on when I am doing my daily reflecting. I have it on while knitting or watching tv. I feel different. More at peace. More relaxed.

Quality essential oils can be pricey. Especially if blends are made with the pricey essential oils. You only use 3 to 5 drops though. Should last me quite some time with this bottle. Since then I have added a bunch of blends to my wish list because I rather people get me things I will use.

I don’t really know where I am going with this blog. Just I am happy and have found something new that provides me a sense of peace. Maybe by sharing I will find some people who will relate to me. Maybe it will help people try something new. I guess that is the point of my blog in general. Mind blown.

O and my diffuser is BPA free. Also important to me.

Together We Can


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