We are going on vacation for 4 days. Problem is we have plants that need to be water. I hate having to ask others to water my herbs for me while I am gone. Looked for a solution. Found a video post from Martha Stewart. I love martha. she answers a majority of questions for me. Always.

Any who she did a a vid of different ways you can have your pants have a source of water while away. She introduced me to blumats. These little ceramic bulbs get stuck into your plants. There is a little hose type thing connected to them that you place in a water source. Make sure you have plenty of water in the glass. The blumats help the plants stay fed.

I am going to keep these in always. I do a pretty good job and watering plants but sometimes I forget.

The blumats are pretty cheap. come three to a pack. I got them on amazon for $15.48

What do you use to water your plants when you are away? Have you used bluemats? How do you like them?


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