While away in Ohio for the last 4 days I Upcycle crafted with my niece. She is a girl after my heart. She is down to create things out of anything. I have been wanting to try out a toilet paper roll flower tutorial that I found on better homes and gardens.

I thought this would make a awesome easy door dec too. Sadly she would not let me add the middle of the flower or put leaves on the stem. You can imagine those put.

Supplies are simple

Toilet Paper Roll
Paint (we used markers here because that is all we had)
Paint Brush
Wooden Skewer
Some material to make a leaf. Felt, construction paper or colored toilet paper roll cut into leaf.

Took me about 10 minutes to do the flower. check out the tutorial here


Make sure that when you are drawing the petals you off set your line on the opposite side of your center circle. This will help make your back and front petals not cover eachother. You want to be able to see the back petals behind the front petals. I did not do this to these as well as I could have.

Kid tested. Lisa approved. Totes think it would make a great door dec. Fast and easy. I would put the name in the center on top of the filled in middle of the flower or on one of the leaves.

What have you done with empty toilet paper rolls?


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