Fitness: My Biking Life

I like a good workout. I also like to go fast. I do not go that fast when running. I also like that I can change up the gears on my bike to change up how I am working my legs.

I got an email from REI telling me the tights I was looking for are on sale. I jumped at it. I love love my GORE BIKE WEAR windstopper bike jacket. I had been looking for the windstopper tights. I got them today. Thanks REI. This purchase inspired this post for the gear I use.

Already told you about the bike jacket. By the way I get men’s work out clothes they tend to fit my shoulders better.The legs work better. I and  a size in between mediums and larges when it comes to women’s clothes so it is hard to find pants that actually fit. Not 100% a medium not really a large. Annoying.

So back to the stuff I use. 

Garmin Forerunner 405 got this at REI 6 years ago when I got back into biking. I was looking for something that could track my exercise. Since I either run or bike this was a great option. I love love it. Tells me my pace, time,distance. You can set goals. It is GPS based. You can set locations. In case you get lost you can find your way back. It then loads onto your computer. Similar to the Fitbit and those other tracking things out there now. Overall it is easy to use and a great toy for a electronic lover.

Black and Decker Air Station we were tired of bike pumps. Most of them never fit right for the things you need. This fella is great for all sorts of things. Below is info from the link.

  • Inflates lawnmower, bike, and vehicle tires, sports balls, and other items quickly and easily
  • Space-saving, portable design
  • EZ air dial for instant shut-off when correct air pressure has been reached
  • Weighs 6.1 pounds
  • Includes standard tire nozzle, needle inflator, and extension nozzle

Trek 7000  7 speeds of love. My bike is a Hybrid. I go between roads and paved trails. Way better then the cheap mountain bike I was sporting for a few years. Easy to take care of. Not heavy. We got this one at College Park bike shop. Great service and advice on getting a bike. Good deal. Right now my husband uses it too. We are looking for a bike for him. 

RoadID: Stay staff on those long rides. I typically only do 6-8miles a day. If i go more then 10 I make sure to wear my roadid. I try to wear it regardless. You never know what is going to happen out there. I don’t even notice it on my arm. I like that I was able to write a quote as the last line. Mine says Keep Moving Forward. A disney quote that applies to so much.

Camelbak: for those longer rides I usually take my camelbak so I have plenty of water along with tools. I have the luck of having bikes in the past that handle bars get unscrewed. chains pop or break. I also keep a map of the trails in maryland and DC in my bag as well. You never know when you may need it.

Ipod and my giant Sony headphones: So i cannot workout without music. Just a little in the background is needed. The big headphones allow me to have them around my neck. They produce enough noise for me to hear it over the wind and movement of biking. My ipod has over 7,000 songs on it. I have it in the back pocket of my Gore bike jacket. Another reason to love the bike jackets. pockets with easy access.

Well that is all. I dont have special shoes or shocks. I do wear gloves when needed. Glasses sometimes as well. The glasses help with sun and bugs. I hate bugs in my eyes.

What gear do you use? Any suggestions?


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