Pinterest Success: Cookie Dough Bites

I am always on the lookout for snacks or desserts that I can incorporate easily into my life and my husband may enjoy. I am happy that these were a success. I saw this recipe for healthier cookie dough bites as a part of a nice cream or a better for your ice cream. I don’t fully remember. What I do know is a pinned that recipe real quick. The ingredients are simple and things I have in my house. Almond flour, salt, coconut oil, almond butter, raw honey, and vanilla. I used vanilla bean powder instead of extract. I also froze the balls. They stay harder and are more satisfying when you grab one for a quick snack or treat. It was also helpful to have the smaller cookie scoop. Trying to roll the dough into balls was not as easy or pretty. The scoop helps you pack it in. If you follow me on Pinterest you can find this recipe under Eats||Desserts board. 

Or you can follow this link

My husband is laying here while I write this post. He said “o you are writing about cookie dough bites. They are yummy. I like those. You should quote me”.

There you go hubs. You made it.


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