Knit Drink Coozie Decoration or Favor

I run a residence hall at a university. My staff makes name tags or door decorations for our residents to make them feel welcome. This means I make my staff door decorations. In my 12 years in this job I have never repeated a decoration. I try to make them nice enough so they want to keep them forever. In the last few years I have made some of them as more functional items.

As you know I am into knitting. I decided that I could make some knitted cup coozies along with paper cups as their name tag portion. I used colors that go with our schools colors. I wanted my staff to be able to take the coozie off and have it still be a presentable name tag. I believe these would also make great favors for a party or celebration.

20160117_042755-2 (1)

Found a free image online for a cup. I could have drawn myself, but this was easier. I edited on the A Beautiful Mess app to include the leaves.


Then I went into Phonto to add the staff members name and the quote. I found a font in there that I liked. That app has so many.1453022029653

Once done with app edits, I sent them to my computer from my phone for printing on kraft paper. Cut out. I colored the leaves in with a green prisma colored pencil.

The coozie is 8 inches long and 3 inches wide. I attached the ends together once I got to the 8 inches. I used a simple ewrap stitch because it is the fasted for me to do. I sewed on wooden buttons an addition to the design. The buttons really don’t serve any function. To make sure the coozie stays on the cup I clipped it on with a hair pin. You can also use a paper clip, but they can sometimes pull at yarn.

Took about 24 hours to make these happen.

I am thinking about eventually making these coozie things as something to sell. Would like to perfect a few techniques first.

Together We Can,

Lisa Ann


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