Snow Day Snow Cones

I grew up with snow cones, Rita’s Water Ice, slushies, and icees. I have always loved a flavored syrup with some ice. I would take that over ice cream any day. Sadly I have no idea how the syrup is made for these creations. I do know that you can make your own for your frozen treats or to add to some soda water.

It snowed around 24 inches or so here in the DMV. I happened to have tons of frozen fruit. I had heard of a simple recipe for making a syrup using real fruit and a little bit of sugar. I thawed out the fruit before making the recipe.


Add 3 cups fruit and 1/4 cup raw sugar to double broiler. I did strawberries and blueberries. You could probably use any type of sugar. I assume coconut sugar would work. You could also not use sugar as I think that certain fruits are sweet enough. 

Cook for 15-20 minutes until the sugar has dissolved and the fruit looks like it has produced enough liquid. Strain the liquid into a container. Put in fridge and wait until it is completely cool. This can take and hour or more depending on how much you are making. The strawberry thickened while the blueberry didn’t thicken as much while cooling.

I found that pouring the liquid into a container with a drink or oil spout worked best for serving purposes. More of a controlled pour. My picture is of a upcycle project. I etched the glass of old glass maple syrup jar. I have a few of these in our house that are soap dispensers.  I did about 3 batches of the fruit to make enough to share with some folks. Plan accordingly.


Both were a hit. I even combined blueberry and strawberry for a mixed berry. That was good as well. I shared with my staff and a few students since we were snowed in. They got snow from outside in cups. Fresh clean snow of course.

The blueberry tastes most like the actual fruit. I think the strawberry tastes more like a fruit roll up.

You could probably use these to throw on top of pancakes or other frozen treats if you want. Let me know if you try.


Together We Can,

Lisa Ann


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