Fruit and Veggie Curry

We are currently in a blizzard in DC area (the DMV). This dish is something warm and yummy for the weather. It is also really simple to make. I saw the recipe on T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies website here

Recipes takes about 30-40 minutes to be done. This includes all the chopping. It helps to have someone chopping with you if you want the time to be shorter. There isn’t much management once you get everything cooking in the pot.


We added brown rice and spinach to the curry when plated.  The recipe includes sweet potato, veggie stock, green pepper (I used red), garlic, onion, granny smith apple, zucchini (we didn’t have any at home), and curry spices. Raisins was also part of the dish. I did not have raisins so I used chopped up unsulphured apricots. Unsulphured apricots are black not the peachie color most are used to to the peachie colored ones that are treated sulphites in the drying process.

My husband had as is. I added a bit of Mina Harissa spicy Moroccan red pepper sauce once mine was plated. I need everything with heat. I didn’t add too much where I missed the flavors of the curry.

Two thumbs up for this recipe. Adding this to the plant based meals must have again list.


Together We Can,




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