Staying Hydrated: Water App

I should have titled this “I pee a lot” app. I am really really working on water intake. I wanted an app to tell at me to drink water. I get lost in the day sometimes. That means forgetting to drink water. More so forgetting to fill up my water.

I looked for suggestions on apps. I found this suggestion on buzzfeed. I believe it was a post about the 26 apps you are missing out on. One of my other fav apps is on that list too. Think Dirty app. If you don’t have it. You are missing out. Clean products are a must these days. Such my crap is put into our products. This app tells you how safe your personal care products are. I bet you have no idea how many chemicals is in your toothpaste.

This blog is about water though. So the app for water. Plant Nanny. I love it. Every time you drink your daily allotment of water you water your plant. Mine is named Bob. The amount of water you need to drink is based on your exercise level and your weight. You can add the different cup sizes you use so you are accurate.

The little circle next to my plant is what shows how much more I need to drink. When you drink the water you hold your finger on the circle. Like you do to record on snapchat. It fills the glass. Adds it to your overall percentage which is listed at the top in the tiny circle. You can expand your into to show much you you have drank and how much more you need.  Basically just play around with the app. It is a pretty simple app so not to much explaining needs to happen. Again play around with it.

So far I love it. I made my plant sad today because I had not logged my water. I thought he was going to die. Don’t worry he lived.

Together We Can,

Lisa Ann


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  1. Kristin says:

    Oh my goodness, I downloaded this yesterday and both my kids are contributing, when they drink a glass. Unfortunately Ethan then peed the bed for the first time in years….

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    1. O wow. I don’t blame him for doing that. I think almost did last night as well. Once of those drinking you are in the bathroom but you are not.


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