Testing Raw Brownie Recipe

This post was due up yesterday. Whoops.

During lunch yesterday I decided to make raw brownie recipe from Deliciously Ella. It is a super quick recipe. Ella’s site, app, youtube, and other social media have great recipes for a healthy kick to your lifestyle. These kinda remind me of Lara Bars.

Here recipe calls for pecans. I did not have those and I needed to use up sunflower seeds so that it what I did. She actually suggests that in her videos. I like when folks do videos for food. Maybe it is a personal connect thing or just easier for me to get the recipe.

Recipe is simple. Use dates, cacao, 100% maple syrup (if you want), pecans (or any nut/sunflower seed)

You will need a food processor.

Also important to note that I did half the recipe because I only had 1 cup of dates. Plus I would be the only one in my house eating them. I like them on the thinner side as well.

To see the full recipe check out the video http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XnrJOJnSez4

yummy snack!


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