it’s hot outside, suck on deeez pops.

berry + coconut popsicles
cooking time: 5 minutes

servings: 6

grocery list:
1 pint blueberries
2 pinches lavender
honey or other natural sweetener
1 c boxed vanilla coconut milk (or make your own with coconut meat, water, sweetener + vanilla)
1 c strawberries
5 – 6 basil leaves

1. blend blueberries, lavender + honey (to taste). pour into popsicle molds, filling ⅓ full
2. pour coconut milk into molds, filling to ⅔
3. blend strawberries, basil + honey (to taste). pour into molds filling to top
4. freeze till frozen

great for a 4th of july or summer bbq


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