I like to read for learning but I also like to watch movies and documentaries.

Thus far I have watched Hungry for Change. Forks over Knives. Vegucated. Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. All are good in their own right.

I will be honest and say I almost vomited watched vegucated. There was many times I hide behind a pillow watching some of things related to animal care. It overall was cool to watch people take a vagan challenge.

My two favs and recommended for watching are Hungry for Change and Forks Over Knives. Easy watch for those curious about more healthy lifestyles. One of the men in Forks Over Knives went to Penn State,that was cool hear.

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead is a good watch for seeing someone’s journey.

All of these are available on Netflix. Check them out if you want.

What i have learned over and over again. A more plant based diet is what will heal you or keep you healthy. Many of them say plant based period. I understand some cannot do that. I try to though.

I also learned healthy eating studies have lots of roots in China.

Anyone else watched these?


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