Made a strawberry version of my pineapple nice cream.

1 cup strawberries frozen
2 medjool dates
3 tablespoons organic coconut milk classic. I prefer native forest for all the reasons posted on their can. Read your labels.
2 tablespoon filtered water
½ banana frozen
optional ¼ cup dairy, nut soy free dark chocolate chips

Throw everything into food processor. pulse it up in food processor. You may have to give a it a go a few times with the pulse. I do punches to the pulse then hold. Switch back to punches. I really sounds like I beat up my food.

You can put it in those freezer pop things to harden more and make it into something fancy. I wanted it now. It is smooth and creamy like ice cream so that works for me.

Remember when measuring a cup make sure you use the same cup to measure everything. That is my fav baking/cooking tip. Not real scientific. maybe it is. eh not rocket science at least.



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