Came home super hungry after work. I tend to mix recipes from people all the time. Made Nutrition Stripped Zucchini Fig Pasta with Kimberly Snyder Beauty Detox Foods Basil Pesto.

Threw in some other stuff like onions, tomatoes, and chickpeas. I want more of a cheesy flavor too so threw in nutritional yeast. There is nutritional yeast in the basil pesto instead of cheese but I was only adding in about two teaspoons of the pesto. You can warm the noodles if you want in a sauce pan on medium for about a minute. I like them raw, but sometimes you want them a bit softer.

The “pasta” is two zucchinis that I spiralized. Pretty much any time I eat zucchini I use the spiralizer. Great gadget. It is in the pictures above. If you followed my follow friday gal Jordie on insta you have probs seen she used a spiralizer a lot. If you don’t know who I am talking about then you need to go here to check that post I made

I knew I needed to make this recipe when I found fresh figs at WholeFoods yesterday. Rare find. Then I watched yesterdays episode of The Chew which had zucchini pasta featured. The world was telling me to make it!

Yesterday I also found a dry erase sticker calendar for our fridge. I like to plan things most times. I hate wasting paper. This makes it nice and easy to find. It sits right above my food combining chart on the fridge.

This would also be a great recipe for a dish at your summer parties! Simple salad type veggie option.


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