While sipping on my morning hot to warm water, I decided to write a blog post. Looked through my pinterest boards. Wanted to share one from my fit bod board.

Yoga poses for a strong upper body. This is from the Move Nourish Believe website. http://www.movenourishbelieve.com/move/yoga-poses-for-a-strong-upper-body/

I started doing yoga mostly for my upper body. For the majority of my 31 years I played sports regulary so I really didn’t need to pay much attention to building in a routine outside of that.

My frame is one I call linebacker. I really just have “broad shoulders”. Broad to the point when I was doing a modeling thing in High School the store we were getting clothes from asked me if I was a swimmer because my shoulders were much bigger than the rest of my body. Swimmers have big shoulders apparently. Nope. I played basketball mostly. But my shoulders are wider than the rest of me. Pretty sure that is how it works for everyone though. Throw in some boobs and the rest is history.

Any weight training I did as a kid tended to enhance the shoulders. Hated it. Everyone developes muscles differently. So I look for things that don’t make me look so beasty but provide a good workout. I want strength not really obvious muscle. Using my own body weight it great. Fits into my I HATE THE GYM lifestyle. I belong outside with nature. Those that love the gym props to you. It is boring to me and smells like people.

These poses are my go to. I do them almost everyday. They have worked and I am super pleased. My plank holds have gotten longer. I actually have the ability to do the Chat pose now (chat is short for the real name which is long and annoying to type. Third picture in the first picture slide) Sometimes the chat pose is modified depending on how my body is feeling that day.

Something I was reminded of while starting to practice some yoga…. i love being upside down. When I think back to my childhood it makes so much sense. I climbed everything like a monkey and then hung upside down. I like to hang of couches upside down. That is probably while I loved gymnastics training until I got to tall to love gymnastics.

So try these out. They don’t make you cry in pain.

Still sipping on that hot-warm water. Slow poking my hydration this morning. Guess I will write my set list for follow fridays. Must finish water.

Listening to: Mallary Hope- Johnny


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