Current Reads: Lifestyle

So these are 4 books I am currently reading. I don’t know how to read books one at a time when they have a more educational feel. I say educational because I take notes and reflect the whole time reading them. Those other books I read for giggles don’t take me long at all.

Bless the kindle. I love real books too. If i really like a book after reading on kindle I will also buy it. The kindle allows my books to be more portable.

The books

Daphne Oz- Relish. First I love the font and colors of the cover. Second I love The Chew and I enjoy Daphne a whole bunch. One of those people you just want to be friends with. I say that to myself when I read her book and something she says clicks. “We would be good friends”. That sounds creepy. Anyways……She has a great outlook on lifestyle. Great recipes in the book. Easy read with information about food, style and fun. In reading the book thus far I think it fits into my thought that life is a celebration.

Maria Menounos The EveryGirls Guide to Diet and Fitness. I enjoy reading what other people have done to create a healthy lifestyle for themselves. The things they learned a long the way and the people they have met while learning. Clearly I am a resource lover. Maria is reminding us that health is easy if you just take some time to weave it into your life. The little things matter. I guess if you have a big booty and want to get rid of it then the big things matter too. You should consult with Sir Mix a lot about your concerns.

Brene Brown Daring Greatly. Saw her speak in person. Heard great things about the book. So far really enjoying the reflection and thoughts on Daring Greatly. Take a chance people. Communicate. Share your feels.

James Martin, James Samels, and Associates The Sustainable University I asked if we could buy this book for our department’s library of books. It was approved. When it arrived It was sent to me so I can read it first I guess. Came through campus mail last week. Read the first few pages today. It was recommended to me from other sustainability higher edu folks. I run a LEED certified building and supervise a staff that is required to provide sustainability education to college students. There is my reason for interest in this book.

These books fit into most of my interest areas. The only topic missing is arts and crafts.

As I finish I will share my thoughts on the books. Maybe a post of some tidbits I learned. We shall see.

What are you reading?


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