Since the 4th of July is next week I figured this post for a healthy eats and celebrations follow friday would make sense.

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Jordie studied nutrition in college. She currently works as a weight loss counselor and nutritionist. Jordie is on the path to becoming to a Registered Dietician.

I contacted Jordie about my post. She wanted to whip up a recipe that I could include. Take a look below

What I love about Jordie is the simple. Anyone can do these recipes. Do you hear me college students and SApro’s!!!

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and fitness have been featured in her posts. If you ain’t got time for that. That being making healthy balanced meals and fitness. You are wrong. 

Let Jordie help you on your journey. Honestly you will journey together as she shares her life.

Her posts are daily. Contain healthy eats, resources, and wellness info. I think she does a good job at connecting herself to you. She answers if you ask questions. That personal touch is sometimes what you need to be inspired. She recently posted a picture of tomatoes at a farmers market. That sold me. I love Farmers Markets and have always wondered if she went. Connection increased.

I hope to see the recipe below on some of your celebration menu’s. Take a picture if you do and tag Jordie on insta.

Cheers to your wellness and celebrations!

Time for the eats from Jordie!!!

Fresh fruit pizza! {idea from Sweet Simple Vegan on Facebook}

•Watermelon (I used a small one)

•5 oz. Chobani Coconut Greek Yogurt




Slice watermelon in a solid round slice about 1 to 1.5 inches thick. Layer on top Greek yogurt, blueberries, chopped strawberries, and sprinkle with you’re favorite granola! Enjoy!



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