Been meaning to post more of my smoothies.

Every morning I have a large cup of hot-warm water. Sometimes around 24 onces.

I then move to a juice or smoothie that is at least 32 ounces.

I follow simplegreensmoothies on instagram. They have some great inspiration for smoothies. You can take what they give you or edit. Today I edited just two things.

I usually just throw things in a blender. The only time I do not do that is with greens. You need to get it right or it will taste like feet.

Today’s smoothie
2 cups Kale- I chop is before putting in blender. Helps with chunk. I hate chunk
2 cups frozen pitted cherries
2 cups coconut water
1 cup frozen mixed berries. I tried to be heavier on the blue.

I blend my greens first to make sure they get cut up. Again I hate the chunk. You want the liquid to be bright green and hardly any pieces floating around. Blending greens first is also good if you don’t have a fancy machine like a vitamix. I want one so bad.

Next add in the cherries and mixed berries.

I slowly increase speed as everything is blending. I tend to leave it on the last setting for a good 3 minutes. I want everything to be smoothie. Close to a juice but not yet.

Pour in container. Tada.

Blending your greens allows your system to pick up more of the nutrients. We don’t chew enough to do that. All the good stuff is insides all those plant cells.



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