most of the food prep is done for tomorrow. now i can focus on cleaning.

Deliciously Ella Nutritious Nutella available on her app only
Nutrition Stripped Veggie Taco’s and Avocado Cream
Nutrition Stripped Sun Dried Tomato Cashew Cheese
Jamie Deen Green Bean Salad
Salads by me filled with kale, carrots, grapes, dates, cucumber, broc, cherry tomatos, small amount of red/green/yellow peppers. One will have my version of carrot chili vin-grett. Other will not have dressing to people can add what they want.

stayed true to the recipes except for green bean salad. I used apple cider vin. The cheese is a goat and sheep feta instead of cow.

There will also be lots of fresh veggies and fruits. Quinoa and Chia seed chips. A fav of mine. They wilst make a appearance.

Meat from Wholefoods. Made by the butcher peeps. Sausage and bugers.

Happy 4th

Cheers to your celebrations


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