Water is important. Makes our innards do all those organ type things they need to do. Being really technical here.

I had a convo yesterday with some colleagues before a meeting. A story came up about the importance of hydration and how much water you should drink in a day. I believe the story was someone telling their nephew how much water he needs to drink instead of soda.

I made a comment that water is important for digestion. I got a “thoughtful” look from the peeps. For some in the convo I had brought something up that had not been associated with the consumption of water. Without being technical I said that water helps make things move. If things can’t move you get clogged. Essentially water is a key part in helping your system break down foods. 

Water has all sorts of benefits added to my comment about digestion. If you want a darn good breakdown I have found one for you to look at  here Nutrition Stripped Spotlight on Water

Another person in the convo brought up infusing water. At the time I had my bottle of water with sliced cucumbers sitting on the table. It reminded me that lots of people don’t like the taste. I don’t like cold water. More of a room temp kind of gal.

The pictures above are some infused water options that I have either tried or will try in the future. Right now I am digging cucumbers in water. I known for a good lemon water.

Back to Her Roots- Strawberry Lime Cucumber Mint Water

Sugar and Charm- 3 Ways to Serve 

Maiki Nagao- Lemon Cucumber Mint 

Nutrition Stripped Infused Water Ideas and Info 

How Much Water is Enough?

I eat a lot of fiber so I have always been told I need lots of water to keep things moving. I also eat a lot of foods with high water content. I have to pay attention to the balance of those to figure out how much water I need to consume. Sound complicated? Not really. I am pretty good at listening to my body. I can tell when I need water. If i get a headache. I usually need water. You can also use the what color is your pee method.

This convo was one of those reminders that not everyone knows those things. Got to love those educational moments in a conversation. 

Soap box about bottle water. Don’t reuse the plastic bottles. There is a reason they are single use. The plastic starts to break down. You want that floating in your water? No thanks. Opt for a reuse bottle. BPA free of course. Add to that the crunching of the bottle when you squeeze it is like nails on a chalkboard. Or someone chewing cereal really loud. bleh.

So there you have it. My inspiration for today’s blog. 

You have any good ideas for infused water? Share with me please.

Drink up! 


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