Food combining. A area where I lose people when I talk about it.

I am not a registered anything. I have read plenty about nutrition. I played sports for the majority of my life so I was around trainers and coaches who worked on helping you understand how to treat your body. I know/talk to/ follow registered dietitians, certified natural food chefs, certified holistic counselors, and people studying nutrition. If you have followed me on social media you will have seen some of those people mentioned in posts.

Some of my go to sources are Nutrition Stripped, Detoxinista (Where the picture above is from), Kimberly Snyder (I will talk about her book Beauty Detox in a future post), and Deliciously Ella. Honestly I will admit that Bethenny Frankel got me turned back to my previous healthy lifestyle when she wrote Naturally Thin. I had a few years with college to professional transition and getting married that threw me off food wise. Exercise has never been an issue. 

So back to the topic. The one thing that has be consistently drilled in my head is you need to combine your foods properly to reap the benefits of the nutrients you are consuming. Body beauty comes from within. I am 31. I would like to stay looking like I am younger for as long as possible. Yes please.

Listen to your body. I get into arguments with people when I answer with…My body told me. How. Why? Examples Examples Examples. Sometimes I just can’t tell you exactly. Sometimes whatever I ate just made me feel crappy and resulted in something. When you figure those things out you modify and change. Your body might be different than mine. Cool.

O change. People no like. Make little steps. 

So. I get it. I confuse you. You can’t stick me into a category.  I am not vegan, vegetarian, paleo, new fad diet, etc. 

I say things like I try to really not eat cheese because it inflames my system. I notice that if I consume dairy mucus gets involved and my forehead might break out. 

I eat fruit on an empty stomach. Typically only in the morning. If later in the day than at least three hours after my last meal. If eating fruit at a meal I will eat it first. Fruit digests fast. Look it up.

I am not eating meat today. I maybe eat meat once a week. If I do I try to have it with salad so that my stomach is coated with greens that will help me digest better. True: between last week and this week I had chicken too much. I can feel how my body is responding this week. While most people would think nothing of this because all things seem to be working fine. I can tell. Energy not as good. Movements are not as freeing. yada yada.

I try not to drink liquids with meals. I drink them 30 mins before. GASP?!?! Well i have noticed that drinking during my meals doesn’t help me digest as well. 

I stay away from peanut butter as best as I can. It is acidic. I notice a difference when I consume it. I try to stick with almond butter if any nut butter at all.

So what do you eat? Well I try to eat as many whole foods as possible that have been combined in a way for optimal digestion. Mama likes to poop. (cringe if you want)

I listen to my body and do the best I can to make sure that I am allowing my body to digest properly. Again, beauty really does come from within. 

I can tell you more of what  I do, but I hope you don’t follow me exactly. Like I said above. Your body is different than mine. Take from me and learn. There are facts out there though. Read those too. Fooducation can be one of the best choices you make.

My point really is to share a resource that I use (picture chart). It is actually hung on our fridge in the kitchen. I keep a copy in the pictures on my ipad as well.

 I like this one because it is easy to read. I like pictures and cool fonts.

I hope my share and mini rant is helpful. 


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