It is friday. I almost forgot since I have been at a work retreat. below is my suggested follow this week. Please remember this is my personal opinion. No one contacts me and asks to be promoted. 

I love love love Nutrition Stripped. McKel is my #1 go to. I mention Nutrition Stripped in a lot of my posts on social media. She has services that you can sign up for. Tip sheets. She is a Registered Dietitian/Wellness Coach. 

Her info has helped me maintain my almost 100% plant based lifestyle. Maybe once a month I have a tiny amount of chicken in a salad. I also really like sausage. I struggle to pass that up sometimes. I blame my Polish/Eastern Euro upbringing for that.  

Everything at Nutrition Stripped is simple for everyone. She provides Recipes, Pantry Info, Lifestyle Info, Resources (books, films, eating local info), and Services.

I use the recipes for beauty all the time from the lifestyle section. I have taken the Veggie Taco recipe to many parties. Every time it is a hit and everyone wants to know the recipe. They cannot believe there is no meat. I also make veggie taco when I am batch cooking for meals.  The info provided has helped increase my education so I can share with others. She gives a very truthful opinion in her posts about health. If you follow her on other media like FB or Twitter she shares articles that she has found to share with her community. Overall Nutrition Stripped posts regularly on social media. New recipes come out reguarly. Today she posted about Blue-Green Spirulina Milk

if you tag or mention nutrition stripped you get a response. In the times I have tagged I think I have always gotten a like back. Which I think is cool. I dont need it but it is cool to know it has been seen. I have tweeted question and gotten a response as well. 

A great positive role model for wellness not matter what type of lifestyle you lead.

So check out

Instagram  as nutritionstripped to see on web




Follow Follow Follow.


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