Made this for dinner for us. Kale, grapes, dates, carrots, nutritional yeast, and quinoa pasta snuggled with sun dried tomato pesto.

The kale is massaged. Peeps usually are surprised when I tell them to massage their kale. Similar to the surprise I get when I tell folks to soak their nuts before eating.

Remove your kale leaves from their ribs. I typically chop the leaves by bunching leaves together and cutting with a knife. You can tear them as well. Once in a bowl I drizzle a tiny bite of EVOO. Evoo is typically a base in my salad dressings so it doesn’t harm the overall taste of things. The EVOO helps with the tenderizing.

Time to get your hands moving and massaging the kale. Basically rubbing the leaves together. Instantly the leaves will darken and shrink in size. They get a smoother silky texture. You are breaking down the tough cellulose structure so it wilts.

Friends and fam tell me all the time they don’t like kale because it has a bitter taste and his harder to chew. The massaging should help with that. You only need to massage about 30 seconds. More if there is more greens. No longer than a minute in my opinion.

You can also drizzle with EVOO and let sit overnight if massaging is not your thang.

I use all sorts of kale. Tonight was dinosaur kale. rawr.


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